Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Nothing Much to Report

I just realized that my last post was over a week ago! If it hadn't been good news, I'd feel worse about leaving you all in the lurch, but maybe a lurch isn't so bad if you've been left with a good taste in your mouth.

Anyway, this last week I've been enjoying my good health by 1) no longer having any nausea whatsoever because I seem to 2) no longer have any anxiety. Having my next MRI scheduled for the end of June, instead of the end of summer, helps a lot in my peace of mind—I won't lie (if I didn't lie to you about constipation, I shouldn't lie to you about peace of mind either). But yeah, really I've been feeling well. I still seem to need nine hours of sleep per night, and I haven't really been getting that this week, but I've been doing okay.

In stuff unrelated to health, we took both our mothers and their consorts out to lunch by boat, and Ian's brother and sister-in-law came with their newly adopted baby (although they drove, because our boat has a passenger capacity of 8 and the new baby tipped the scales)—and here's the kicker—we went on Saturday, and managed to beat some of the crazy mom-brunch crowd, and BluWater Bistro over in Kirkland still gave the three moms free mimosas, even though it was a day early.

Let's see . . . one of the crazy number of babies/potential babies in our lives was born on May 3 (8 days late), the next to come (we expect), was due on the 5th and seems pretty comfy just hanging out inside. Twins were born in Maine, and a boy in DC. We had friends for dinner last night who are due 4 June, and just found out that someone else is expecting, to add to my riding instructor (not currently my riding instructor) and my Gyrotonic instructor, due at the end of the summer. Is it really just my circle, or is everyone having a baby these days???

In health news, I seem to be cycling through some old physical traumas as a result of my craniosacral work. I need to ask how long it usually takes for things to show up after a treatment. Beth likes to see me once every two weeks, so I'm assuming things show up by about a week and then resolve by two weeks, ready for the next work. These "trauma revisits" are generally shorter and milder than the original experience was. Two things today (one week out) were a migraine—the first I've had in weeks and relatively mild—which happened right as I finished tacking up my horse (my instructor generously postponed my lesson 30 minutes for my vision to resolve and then I rode . . . which made the lesson happen at the time I'm usually ready. Today I had actually made it to the barn on time, early even, for the first time in weeks—no, says the Universe, 11:00am is too early for you to ride . . .), and my sore/stiff/out-of-alignment sacrum switched from aching on the left side, where it was for 3 days or so, to aching on the right side. I could call Taya to fix it, I suppose, but I'd like to give it a couple days to work itself out in its own time.

Anyway, aside from the fact that I'm ready to do a bit of sunbathing in the backyard and nature is currently keeping that from happening, things are going very well here these days.

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Robert said...

Who DOESN'T need nine hours of sleep a night?