Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Numbers Game

First of all, since last I mentioned, I know of another pregnant person, and another new baby I didn't even know was on the way, already born. I haven't yet counted up how many that's been for the last year.

What I have counted is just how much time I've spent, since beginning my treatment at the beginning of May last year, in the clinic and driving to and from various appointments. I have included time at the SCCA, time at the UW hospital, time dealing with my eye, time visiting my Witch Doctor, and time with the craniosacral person. This is an estimate—I have not kept scientific track—but I think you'll find the numbers interesting nonetheless.

I have spent a total of 1,000 hours either in treatment, in appointments, or having scans. This works out to 25 weeks in a 40-hour-per-week job, or more than half a year working full time. On top of that, I have spent at least 72 hours on the road, traveling hither and thither to all my appointments, thus bringing my full-time job week count up to 27. I have been in treatment for 67 weeks now, though, so when I average 1072 over 67 weeks, my time spent in treatment drops to a mere 16 hours per week. This, of course, does not count the time spent recovering from infusions at home, which is not really measurable. At a 16-hour work week, I have driven (or been driven) for 4 ½ of my weeks.

Yeah, okay. So this really has been a significant proportion of my time.

This month, I am not jumping immediately into my only-every-three-weeks schedule, because there are still a variety of kinks to work out before that happens. So far, this is the only week I don't have anything medical going on. It's getting there, though.

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