Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Follow-up Call

I've been feeling pretty good today—so good, in fact, that Mom and I went shopping. We started at Wallingford Center, where everyone thought we were from out of town (I live 6 blocks away, but evidently looked like I was touring). We then went over toward U Village and bought some buttons for a sweater I'm knitting for my niece's first birthday (I don't think she's reading this yet so I'm probably not ruining the surprise), then stopped for lunch at the Ram (soup and a salad for me), then, since we were there, hit Something Silver and Anthropologie—where I didn't buy anything, but Mom did.

We arrived back home to the message light blinking. Someone had called from the U hospital to check up on me. "Hello Mr Taylor," she said. "I'm calling from the UW to see how you're doing today. There's no need to call us back. We'll try again later."

I thought Wait a minute. Did I hear that right??? I hit 4 to repeat the message.

"Hello, Mr Taylor . . ." said the voice.

Maybe the procedure I had yesterday was a vasectomy.


Robert said...

. . . Or did Ian nip out for a little surgery of his own while you were under? Maybe you'd better check with him.

Anonymous said...

Or, um, any new appendages you've discovered since you arrived home?--cousin s.

Gregory said...

Ha ha, Calin. Maybe they didn't tell you this, but after having an salpingo-oophorectomy, you are to be addressed as "Mister". It's the old inherent sexism in language, you know: the default gender and all that. You are now unmarked. :-)