Saturday, March 20, 2010

Photo Journalism

Here is the gamma ray distributer cap--not the part that I had screwed into my head; the part that my cage kachunk-kachunked into.

Me, pre-cage.

All locked in for one of the treatments.

The pit crew (physicist and radiation oncologist) between treatments, using screwdrivers and allen wrenches to rearrange the apparatus.

In this picture, of my third and last treatment, my position had to be manually (more manually than the first two even) determined. "I feel like I was in a Prius, and now I'm in a '67 Mustang," I said, as they maneuvered my head this way and that, bolting and screwing and kachunking again.

Me in my cage. It makes me woozy to look at this.

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