Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Leaping Down

I am slowly learning how to use my medical marijuana, which is to say that, if I’m willing to cancel all daytime appointments and sleep away my afternoons, I should take a dose in the morning.  Otherwise, I should do all my daytime appointments, then take my dose when all that’s left is to be pampered and waited on by my dear husband who is . . . oh wait . . . going out to sea tomorrow morning before the almost-equinoxal crack of dawn.  

Ian is going to be volunteering again as a fish counter on a leg of one of the annual survey trips down the west coast of the US. This will earn him a lot of “comp time”, so that we can go to Kenya together in November.  But it means that I, for ten days, will be on my own, back to caring for my own needs and those of the dogs, and then, for the last few days that he’s out, I’ll be in Maple Valley at Mom and Marsh’s, looking over their geriatric pets while they enjoy some time away.  It’s only fair, I SUPPOSE, that I pay M&M back in some small way for all the time they’ve spent watching Spackle and Hoover. THE THINGS I HAVE TO DO.

But mostly I just wanted to write this post to let you all know that my tumor markers continue falling apace:  from 81, to 68, to 56 most recently!

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