Saturday, May 31, 2008


I seem to have developed a little side-line infection here, over the last day, in my mouth. Thrush is evidently an overexpression of the oral Candida fungus, which most often attacks babies, pregnant women, people with HIV, or, of course, people fighting cancer. It’s not painful at this stage, except that I’ve been spending most of my waking time running my tongue around my mouth and feeling the little white growths, so I have some mouth cramps. The ones that I can reach with my fingernails—on the sides of my cheeks—I can just scrape right off, which is a relief for my tongue for about 3 hours until they grow back again. Unfortunately, the ones at the back of my soft palate and my throat aren’t so easy to reach, and when I do stick my fingernail back there, I trigger the gag reflex (and of course we all know I’m tired of that). Anyway, I’ll pick up a prescription for it in a couple hours, and it should be gone within a couple days.

Speaking of prescriptions—yes, this is reimbursed—but Thursday I picked up 6 doses of GCSF (one week) to make my white cells healthy (it’s a shot I give myself), and the total came to $1,700. That’s not a typo.


Andrienne said...

Unfortunately your love of the Essential Baking Company is going to be a major part of the ongoing possibility of Thrush! As you well know I had to do the anti-candida thing. No bread (yeast), ketchup, soy sauce , mushrooms, vinegar, mustard, wine, or fruit juices - especially orange juice. No melons, oranges or berries - all things high in fungus and yeast. Lemon juice works great for salad, and the rest, well you've got to give it a rest. But, it will help in your not having to go through this again, after the medication takes affect.


Taya said...

Try a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a i/2 glass of water and swish around in your mouth and if you can drink it. Your PH is out of balance and this can really help in your mouth and your gut which probably has yeast also.

CMT said...

Thanks, ladies, for the suggestions--Yes, I'm not surprised things are out of balance ;). It does seem to look better today already . . . maybe all the tacos I've been eating.