Saturday, October 11, 2008

Dell Update

Because this is of course the topic most compelling to everyone reading this blog, I thought I'd let you know what happened during my phone call with Dell last night.

Not much.

I was on the phone 112 minutes this time (still longer than the movie), and even the Level Two Resolution Specialist was unable to help. On Monday afternoon I will be called by his supervisor, a Lever Three Resolution Specialist, who will maybe send me some software.

The most interesting part of the phone call—which started at 9:30pm—was when my technician, presumably to check other multimedia hardware on my computer, briefly turned on the webcam. Of course, maybe he just wanted to see who he was talking to once every 17 minutes, and breathing into the ear of the rest of the time. It was pretty uncomfortable, actually, to see my bald self in half-silhouette because of the light slightly behind and slightly above my head, knitting, right there in the middle of my screen.

At least I had already closed down the Us Weekly windows.

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