Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Roller Coaster

So I'm still feeling a bit of nausea these days, but the Compazine worked well enough this morning for Ian and me to go and do some rock climbing, which was definitely fun. My hands have been feeling pleasantly abraded today. Later on, I took a stroll with the dogs, where a daring squirrel raced across the sidewalk an inch in front of Hoover's nose, causing him to go briefly apeshit, just long enough to pull actually out of my hand and knock me into a rock in someone's garden. My ankle is now unpleasantly abraded. I then had my infusion—30 minutes late getting into the infusion room (which meant I sat in the waiting room for an hour after my blood draw), but at least I had a bed when I finally got there. And I was able to get my tumor marker results: 49, down another 5 from last time. I feel like I'm now within spitting distance of normal . . . at least as far as my tumor marker test goes.

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Shelley said...

If you find a solution to the apeshit when Hoover sees other dogs let me know, my sister's dog has the same reaction. Ugh. especially when I selifishly want a quiet walk.