Thursday, July 16, 2009

Best of Both Worlds

Just got off the phone with Dr Jason, who said that my EEG was completely normal. Even though it was completely normal, he thought that the fact of the early MRI and the other few strange things I've reported recently were worth noting, if not worth a great deal of concern, and so he shared my story with a neuroscientist colleague of his. They agreed that, since I hadn't really had a problem with Keppra, the anti-seizure med, I should go back on, just as a precaution. I am fine with this.

The one problem with anti-seizure meds is that they can make you feel a bit dopey at first, which may get in the way of me leaving for Idaho, in my own car, under my own direction, tomorrow morning. I promised I would not drive while dopey. From what I remember last year, I felt pretty drunk and discombobulated for one evening last year, and then normal the next day and from then on. So I may be fine, and I may be on the road around 10 as initially planned. Anyway.

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KateMV said...

I'm so glad it was normal!!