Thursday, July 15, 2010

No News Can Be Good News

My brother once informed my mother that no news was never good news—that people want to share good news and so they tell it—but I am here to say that my two-week radio silence and generally sparse recent posting is because I have been learning to employ my 80% rule, and I've pretty much been enjoying myself in this nascent Seattle summer.

The Xeloda, since my ER trip in June, hasn't been finking me very much. I feel perhaps a bit more fatigue (although not consistently, and hardly ever when I'm doing something really fun) and a little nausea (which is dealt with alacritously by Compazine). My palms and soles are slightly sensitive during the weeks that I'm taking the pills, but not so much on the weeks off. I have not lost any hair (I'm not expecting to). My mouth is not, in fact, developing sores; at least not yet. I am not noticeably more prone to sunburn than usual, which is not very. It's not the end of the world to drive to Capitol Hill once every three weeks. This evening, in fact, Ian and I turned it into a date complete with dinner at the Kingfish and two dog walks.

I did just spend last weekend in New York City, mostly the Brooklyn part, and I suppose a mention of that belongs in DT, but I'm not going to write anything there. Suffice it to say that 7-year-olds can be unbelievably bossy . . . perhaps because it turns out that 30-somethings are unbelievably (embarrassingly) easy to boss.

Anyway, temperatures at least in the 70s are here, and life—and news—is good.


Shelley Millis said...
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Shelley Millis said...

7 year olds are not half as bossy as 6 and half year olds!

CMT said...

Well, she seems like she's seven!