Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Gift for my Trip

I'm sitting in the clinic right now getting my loading dose of Herceptin (extra big dose) because I chose Tropical Paradise over Herceptin three weeks ago (duh), so I'll be here for a few hours. I'm doing it on Wednesday, too, instead of my usual Thursday, and in the morning instead of the afternoon, because of the schedule for VAustralia, the Virgin family's trans-Pacific branch of airline. MS and I are flying out of Seattle, destination: Antipodes, this evening, with a trip to the airport at 4:30pm (thanks, Ian!).

Anyway, my MRI last week was stable (confirmed by Nurse Sarah on Saturday after the official report came in), and just now I received a copy of my blood test results from last week and it seems that Xeloda (or something, but likely Xeloda) is, in fact, doing its job: my tumor markers are 32, back in the normal range by 5 points, and down 8 points from last test!

Even though I wouldn't go back and change anything that's happened in my life, I'm not sure I'm yet to the point where I'd enthusiastically add another 11 1/2 years of the same sorts of experiences just for the soul growth, so I take all this as good news, and a blessing to go out and experience more of the world.

Thank you, Universe.

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