Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I Not Dead

Hello Joel, my (perhaps) last remaining reader. It's been a busy life, my life, during the recent . . . well . . . always; but maybe a little more so in the past couple months. Happy busy and sad busy, joyful busy and heartbreaking busy. Busy overseas and under equators, and busy up in the living room or down in the basement. I want to live a full life—and it's full, boy howdy.

Anyway, a new year does spur one into new/different/revised/resumed habits, and here I am, blogging away again.

I was supposed to begin the new year with an MRI last week Tuesday, to see what may have been going on in my brain while I was standing upside down on the bottom of the planet . . . but Ian got a new job that began early in December (yay Ian!), and that meant we got new health insurance. The combined forces of the holidays, bureaucracy, and the US Government somehow failed to share with us any of the information we needed about that insurance so that I could go on with my day-to-day life as a full-time patient.

When I called GEHA on 3 January to find out what my membership number was because I had an MRI—an important MRI—scheduled for the next day—they informed me that Ian and I were not in the system, and that the MRI would need preapproval anyway, and that I should probably go ahead and cancel my appointment. Grrrr. Much time was lavished around on hold, by both me and by Ian, before we got things worked out, and my MRI had to be postponed (to 7:00am this morning . . . which is early for me these days . . .). But we are now officially members of a new health insurance plan. And, more importantly, my MRI was stable—so, nothing new showed up in my brain.

So, ultimately, YAY!

And then I went rock climbing.


Anonymous said...

And, you have more than one reader - your rock climbing buddy - nice moves!

allyson said...

Yay Ian. Welcome back to blog land Calin. You've been missed!

joel said...

I thought maybe you went to Antartica. Glad to hear that your MRI went well.I too have missed you.

Anonymous said...

So happy to be reading you again. You are amazing! Your mom's PC friend eileen.

Adam E. said...

Just one reader?! Sounds like you underestimate the number of people who appreciate your blog. :)

Sbuckley said...


I too have missed you!

Glad to read your mri went well.

I am looking forward to future updates.