Monday, April 25, 2011

Dad's Relatives and Me

On the left is my Aunt Linda, Dad's older sister. She lives in Bangkok and is quite the world traveler (runs in the family, it would seem). In the middle is my one-week-from-being-96-years-old grandmother, who just had her knee replaced and is back living at home, on her own, in the house where my dad grew up. And there on the right, photoshopped in from a 1/3-times larger picture, is me.
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Anonymous said...

Wow, your grand-mother looks amazing. Clearly you have some good genes running through the paternal line. Impressive photo-shopping too. I would never have guessed.

Anonymous said...

Actually, now that I look again, the photo-shopping is not so impressive. Perhaps next time you should try to make all of the people the same size?

But still impressed by your grandma ...