Friday, April 1, 2011

Metapost: Inappropriate Content

Regular readers will notice that I deleted my two most recent entries. Writing a public, searchable blog where I talk about boobs means that I occasionally get hits from people searching for something more salacious than breast cancer treatments, and I do think that's darkly funny, in a sort of "ha ha—took YOU by surprise" way. However, the possibility that people who were being abused would be stumbling upon my blog never occurred to me until yesterday. But simply the words "I Thought I Was Done With This" could easily call to people suffering all sorts of emotional or physical or psychological trauma. And so having become, with the help of my husband, much less of a dimwit, I'm not going to write lightly about such things again. I apologize to my readers: known, unknown, and especially those of you struggling with difficulty, and in some cases horror, in your own lives.

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