Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Metapost: Old Blogs

So, in some weird literary Iron Woman event I yesterday posted three times, and one of the times was to Orcas Estate, which should've showed up in the sidebar of this blog.  However, it appears that leaving a blog fallow for four years does not somehow render it richer and loamier, but rather more or less obsolete.  I can still post there, but it's too old and un-updated to even update anymore, and it's certainly too old to allow I Thought I Was Done With This to drag any information out of it.  What I'm saying is that, if you do click hopefully on the link today, you will see something newer than 4-year-old pears.  When I have more time I'll look into other ways of updating Orcas Estate (maybe it needs some petrochemicals or "toxic sludge").


joel said...

The "testing" link under My Other Blogs doesn't work.

CMT said...

Yes, I deleted the post after I found it to work . . . but obviously it doesn't, therefore, UNwork. Oh well. Sorry.