Monday, June 6, 2011

Metapost: Posting

So . . . I don't know what I was complaining about, lack of energy or whatever, because clearly I've been very busy lately which is the only excuse I have for not having posted in weeks.

In the outer physical world, I have been constructing and destructing, both at the current home and the future home (or, rather, DEstructing at this home and CONstructing at that one). I have been making an attempt to lie down in the afternoon every day more often than I used to, which cuts a bit into writing time . . . but mostly life has just been rushing me along at warp speed, particularly now that it's light much longer than it's dark up here in Seattle (and that's even more true on Orcas . . . which can be a bit of a drawback if you are camping in a more or less translucent tent, with the weekend plan of hard physical labor needing much rest.).

In the inner physical world, my last MRI was stable. One tumor marker blood test was also stable, but one had jumped . . . up, unfortunately, not down. We'll keep our eyes on the jumpy one, because it might just be a reaction to one of Witch Doctor Dan's suggestions (the tumor marker blood tests measure a protein in the blood that cancer cells give off—not the cancer cells themselves—and so there's always a possibility the protein is there for another reason). Dr Specht did offer to order me a PET/CT if I wanted it but . . . lovely berry-flavored, ointment-thick CT contrast drink notwithstanding, I decided to give it a miss for the time being.

In the mental world, I have been writing and rewriting post after post, but as mainstream technology has not, heretofore (THANK GOD), allowed our every thought to be spread about the interwebs without, at minimum, intervening thumbs, none of the posts have actually posted.

In the spiritual and emotional worlds, I am continuing assertively down my path, even when I don't want to go (sometimes you have to, you know).

And back here in the blogging world, I have made a subtle but, I think, useful change to my layout (many thanks to blogger for ease of use). At the top right side of home page, you will see a new section entitled "My Other Blogs", with a list of three other blogs below. As you can see, they cover different topics and tell you how recently I (or Ian, in the case of Spackle and Hoover and Orcas Estate) have posted, so you can see if anything's new on any of them without having to take the time and emotional energy to click hopefully through, only to have your wishes dashed when you see the same pears that have been sitting there at the top of the blog for the last four years (now that things are grinding slowly to a start on Orcas, I'm thinking that blog might see some more action).

I have also listed the blogs of a couple friends below that, and will list more/take those away as requested.

We were laughing in the barn last week that we were referring to the weather as "hot" when the temperature was about 65 degrees. But that WAS hot, and today is looking to be the same, if not hotter, and so I'm heading out to do some yard work.


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Thanks for the update.