Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Horseback Riding Accident

As you can see, if you look really carefully, the upper right side of my right thumbnail (pictured here) is a little bit purple. This was the only injury sustained when I fell off my horse during my lesson today (we were cantering; something in the melting snow outside the arena spooked her). No smashed bones, no concussion, not even a muscle tweak (as far as I can tell right now, although after tomorrow morning's flight to Texas, who knows). My pants were dirty, though, even on the inside.

And my thumb does hurt.

Note: Ian, in his comment (see below), makes an excellent point about the inside of my pants. They were dirty with DIRT, arena DIRT. That is all.


Ian said...

Perhaps you should clarify something for your readers. Sometimes when someone has an accident which results in making their pants dirty on the inside, it means something that I don't think you mean.

Shelley said...

LOL...these anecdotes are better than coffee :)


Adam English said...

haha! I didn't even consider alternative meanings to "dirty pants" (I assumed arena dirt). Regardless, I'm with Shelley, that made me grin.

Amy Baron said...

Oh, that can be a terrifying one! It almost put your precious life in danger! Though it was an accident, I wish the trainer and the institute held liable to what happened to you. It is their responsibility to secure the safety of their trainees after all. Have you discussed it already?? I hope you’re doing well now.

Amy Baron