Thursday, March 5, 2009

Yep, More of Why I'm Glad to be an American

My brother just forwarded me this essay, which briefly presents some information about health care in the UK, and health care in Sweden. It reminded me that, when I was at Lewis and Clark, the father of one of my classmates came from Norway to Fred Hutch (1991) to have heart surgery. He had to come to Seattle, where he paid for the surgery himself, because at age 51 he was considered too old for such procedures by the Norwegian government. At 51.

I think the US medical system and insurance system and whatnot are somewhat bloated with misspent cash, and it would be nice to be more efficient so at least kids, to age 18, can have easy access to preventative care. I feel lucky every day that our system is working so well for me, though, and I hope we can figure out some way to make it happen more for everyone.

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