Thursday, March 19, 2009

Noted About the Dog Cycle

Yesterday my riding lesson began at 11:00am instead of noon. The dogs came with me, as usual, and as usual, we spent a while at Magnuson park before returning home--soon after 2:00pm, instead of soon after 3:00pm. Somewhere around 3:15pm--two hours early instead of just one--Spackle came to find me with his "How about now?" enthusiastic tail and dinner grin, which notified Hoover that now was the time to start the dinner squeak. Spackle was right on time for our old schedule.

Now that my regular riding time is 11:00am, I fear I am going to have to put up with an extra hour of grinning and squeaking for a long time.

Also noted--they seem to have adapted to Daylight Savings time with no trouble at all. Dinner a practical hour earlier these days? Awesome.

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