Thursday, June 18, 2009

General Health Update

I don't have any specifics to report today, but in general, my health is very good. My right eye was briefly heading toward glaucomic, because of the steroid drops most likely, but those were discontinued and a different drop was prescribed and as of my last visit, the pressure was back down in the normal range. The shot to the eyeball also seems to be doing its thing—the blood vessels that it was supposed to start drying up have, and the pocket of fluid, still present, is contracting to a smaller space and is thus distorting my eyesight less. I do still get a lot of distortion, but it's not so much in the way.

I saw Dr Specht this afternoon—a little aside here—my afternoon at the clinic today was as much a pleasure as an afternoon at the clinic can be. I left my house more or less on time and arrived a couple minutes before my scheduled blood draw. There was parking on level A: Apple right by the elevators. I didn't have to wait at blood draw, and my phlebotomist, about 8 ½ months pregnant (like everyone else I know except for the three that had their babies within the last month), and I had an entertaining conversation about children and the benefits of other peoples'—i.e. the hassle and worry is primarily not your responsibility. "Although," mused my nurse, "I don't really like kids. I mean, I like my own, but other peoples . . . they're kind of annoying. Yep, I'm not a child person." I liked the honesty of that.

I went upstairs and checked in about 30 minutes early for my doctor's visit, and was called back early, and even Dr Specht was early. She let me out early, and I went upstairs to the infusion room and checked in 40 minutes early (at the new reception desk! Moving along quickly toward those extra beds!), and they called me back 30 minutes early, and put me in a bed! In a room with walls!

Anyway, back to my meeting with Dr Specht. She said I looked wonderful, she did not seem to be unduly concerned about the minor optic migraine I had last night right after craniosacral therapy, and she took my admission of horse jumping philosophically. I explained that I was only doing 1 to 1 ½ foot jumps right now, which were practically no different from a canter stride. She was relieved that I was not participating in 4-foot jumping, and I promised—quite truthfully—that I was not interested in ever doing that. Plus, I of course always wear my helmet, and there is always going to be someone else around, and I do not intend to ever jump anything solid (except maybe a log, but that barely counts).

As for my tumor markers moving from 49 to 50, she said that was the same thing. I told her that I lived with a statistician and he had pointed out that the range of normal comprised 37 points, and that my personal range had been up to 1015, and so one point meant absolutely nothing. "I like that man," said Dr Specht. This week's number isn't available yet.

That pretty much sums it up—I've felt particularly healthy and lively this last week, and boy have I enjoyed it!


allyson said...

That's the kind of update I like to read. Nice! xo

Anonymous said...

Interesting write up! Can you send me some latest updates about the General Health!
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