Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hardly Even Annoying

I have a bit of a cold, folks, and it started on Saturday at our party, so if any of you come down with colds this week, I do apologize. Usually, the common cold is an annoying, frustrating thing to deal with. The sneezing, the runny nose, the coughing. I have been experiencing all those things, and I was definitely tired yesterday, but not deathly tired. I still had the energy to imagine doing things—getting together with friends camping in the San Juans, house painting, my lessons and chores and whatnot—which is pretty different from how I was feeling at the end of last spring. Just under a year ago I developed pneumonia, and July 1st I was admitted into the hospital. Perhaps that memory is helping to keep me from coughing hysterically—I feel like coughing, a little, but I really don't want to go there. But the fact is, last year, I couldn't walk from the bathroom to the living room (a distance of maybe 35 feet) without being EXHAUSTED. And compared to that, I feel pretty darn good.

Also: WALL-E—excellent show, currently on-demand at Netflix.

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