Thursday, November 6, 2008

But I Just Feel Like Me

I had lunch yesterday with Debra Jarvis, who used to be a chaplain at the SCCA and is now on to different things, all of them hugely in support of life and connection and finding the joy in living. I hadn't seen her for over three months, since I'd been in the hospital. She brought a camera (which we forgot to use), because she wanted to take a picture of us together. Because I am the only person she has ever known—out of hundreds of cancer patients—to get intubated in the ICU and come out of it.

This is why Dr. Specht calls me Miracle Girl, I suppose. And maybe it is a miracle—I don't know. I haven't felt anything drastic or shocking—from my perspective, I am simply, comfortably myself.


Anonymous said...

"Miracle Girl?" would make a great title for your insightful, poignant, funny and best selling autobiography. Lee :)

Robert said...


One of my Interlake students was hit by a car weekend before last as she was walking home from a school event and wound up intubated in the ICU at Harborview. Your experience fortunately gave me some hope that she could pull through (which she did -- she's now recovering at Children's.)

-- Robert V.