Sunday, November 2, 2008

Ian the Internet Search God

Ian has a gift for finding things on the internet. If you want to know if there's an ice cream shop in Oakland, he finds one on his phone—with directions—while we're stuck in traffic heading south on I-83 (he had a strawberry cheesecake shake; I had a chocolate one with bits of chocolate in it). Trying to find the most environmental large pick-up truck? He found the Dodge "Contractor Special"; a diesel hybrid that had outlets—powered by the diesel engine/generator—that ran your power tools. Unfortunately, Dodge did not actually follow through and produce the Contractor Special. Have a hankering for a good octopus video? He can find the ones that haven't even made it to You Tube yet.

And, he found me instructions for unsaving a Mahjong game. You go to my computer, C drive, users, my user name, saved games, Microsoft games, Mahjong titans, and then you delete the saved game. A touch inconvenient, but it worked. And now, I no longer have to go through the extra step of hitting "no" all—let's say 3 per week—times that I open the game.

Note: I just read the comment on my previous post and saw that Joel is also clearly an internet search god. Thank you, Joel.


andrienne said...

Calin, My Mom got here last week to visit for the rest of the winter, and is so delighted that you play mahjong - I can't tell you!!!!! She will think of you every time she has to hit "no" as she starts up a game. I will too, but it won't be as often as far as mahjong is concerned. It will be daily as I read you religiously. Boy, am I glad to finally have my computer up.

Chiara said...

I have certainly benefitted from Ian's octopus-video-finding skills, I have to say.

allyson said...

Now I understand how you found Fenton's Creamery in Oakland. It is in my old 'hood. I miss it. :)