Thursday, November 13, 2008


I seem to remember, dimly in the past, taking showers pretty regularly. My hair was very straight and fine, and showed the oil pretty quickly, although, for the sake of its long-term health, I didn't wash it daily. For a long time I would wear it down on the clean day and up on the next day . . . although even then, even though I wasn't washing my hair daily, I still showered. Hmmm. You see, I don't really shower all that often anymore—maybe just two or three times a week. I've assumed it was because of my hair—why bother to get the rest of the body clean, I've assumed my thinking was, when the most obvious potentially regularly dirty part of me—my hair—is noticeably in absentia.

I suppose another reason I haven't been showering much is that I don't get sweaty very often. I'm not spending long hours (okay, it was only ever long minutes) on the treadmill these days, so I only really sweat on Mondays at my riding lesson. In Gyrotonic I get a little warm—but the purpose is not to sweat, it's to make your strength lengthy and flexible. Anyway, I took the dogs on a long walk this afternoon (1.8 miles, courtesy of Google Maps line measuring tool), and actually did get a little sweaty by the time I was done climbing up and down the hills and being dragged around (much less, it's true—he seems to be maturing ever so slowly) by Hoover.

Anyway, for this week, I bathed at Olympus Spa on Monday night . . . and I'm pretty sure that's the last time I got more than my hands wet. And what is it, Thursday? I might be very smelly and just not aware of it—you know, familiarity and all—but Ian hasn't been complaining, nor have the dogs. Of course, familiarity might cover them as well. And it's not like it takes a long time—without the long hair to wash and the legs to shave . . . Ah HA! I think I've just figured it out! In general, I like a nice, smooth leg (on me). And my leg hairs, in general, grow fast and thick. They're not doing that right now! In fact, there's hardly any hair left on my legs at all. I do give them a nominal shave periodically, but nothing like the daily shave they used to receive.

Well. Thanks, Internet, for being a sounding board that led to the solution of this latest mystery of the cancer-recovery process.


Ian said...

I don't think the dogs will complain, regardless of how long you go between showers. No, they'll delight in having such salty, sweaty skin to lick.

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Laura said...

Ummm, if I only showered based on when I shaved my legs...well no need to go there. Personal Funk is usually a sweet perfume to those who love us, so Ian is probably as oblivious as the dogs. And equally as cute. :)

Ian said...


Natalie D said...

Hi Calin! Just popping in here to tell you I'm thinking about you, showered or not.
Natalie D