Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Eye Update

I spent the morning in Northgate today at the Northwest Eye Surgical Clinic, getting lots and lots of uncomfortably bright eye scans. Whenever I'm going through an eye scan, such as the ones today where someone actually held my lids open while shining the sun deep into my brain, I always feel a bit like I'm being tortured. Then I think about how lucky I am that I am not, in fact, being tortured, and how awful torture is, and how glad I am that Obama is now the president.

Anyway, the scans, from what I could gather, didn't show anything too dreadful. I have a teeny (everything in the eye is teeny, actually) fluid pocket just under my center of focus (which shows up as just above my center of focus for the way it looks from my perspective) in my right eye. I also have some small capillary action which looks consistent to diabetic eye issues. I am not diabetic, but evidently being anemic can also cause these same sorts of symptoms, and I have certainly been having some problems keeping up my red blood count. Anyway, I have been prescribed a steroid eye drop for my right eye, to use for 3 weeks, and then I'll have another appointment. In the meantime, Dr Meyers is going to contact Dr Specht to make sure my iron levels are continuing to be addressed.

It would appear that, for the time being, I am going to continue to be a sighted individual.

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