Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I’m Glad it Didn’t Come to This

Several weeks ago my friend L forwarded this article to me, saying, "Wow, I am so glad for both Calin and Ian . . . ". You see, I suffered from C. diff over the summer, when I was in the hospital. It is evidently relatively easy to transfer to other people whose immune systems are compromised, and can be difficult to get rid of. Mine disappeared with a course of a drug called Flagyl. Phew.


Laura said...

You know, after I sent that article, neither you or Ian said anything about it, and I realized that I didn't know for absolute certain that it hadn't come to that. But let me state for the record that HAD it come to that, and the treatment had worked, I would absolutely hold no judgment about it.

But I confess I am still glad it didn't come to that.

CMT said...

Yes, well, I skimmed the article and starred your email to get back to eventually. Ian didn't read the article at all, and last night when I posted about it, he was pretty disgusted.