Friday, January 9, 2009

Not Sure I Liked the Convenience, Actually

The SCCA now has free WiFi available for you while you infuse, and while part of me thinks this is an excellent idea, and also thinks finally!, another part of me is a little disappointed. I am undeniably tied to the internet and my email, and the clinic has been one of the few places I ever go where I'm sitting and can't use the internet, so I have to read. It's like a little mini-break from current events (okay, okay, I admit it, I'm not reading news on the internet. Frankly, I'm not sure what I'm doing, aside from seeing what else is new, and if anything new is out now. And how about now?). Nevertheless, I was happy to have the option of going online today, because we leave tomorrow and I still had things to do. And they are done now. But next time, I'm leaving my computer at home.

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