Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Totally Fooled by the Illusion

I had lunch downtown at the Nordstrom Café today, with my friend L. I was only two minutes past 12:30, which is pretty good considering that I got in the shower at 11:58. Of course, it really only takes me .03 seconds to do my hair.

After lunch I had to piddle (well, I had to before lunch, but I held off so I wouldn't be 7 minutes late), and when I was washing my hands, I saw what I thought was a gray hair. I looked closer, tilting my head to catch the light better, then remembered that, uh, no. I was wearing a wig.


Ian said...

They put a grey hair in your wig?!?

Stacey said...

Totally laughing out loud...people are looking at me funny and I don't care. Totally laughing.

Gregory said...

That's so funny, because yesterday I looked at my ankle and thought, "God, how hairy my ankle has become!" but then I remembered that no, I was wearing socks.

Glad the wig is working for you.