Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My First Mental Hiccup

So I missed an appointment with my Witch Doctor. I had written it into my paper calendar correctly—24 June—but somehow in transferring it (using my brain only, I admit, and not my eyes), I put it in my online calendar on 30 June. He emailed tonight to make sure I was okay, and of course I was, only embarrassed a little. In fact, I think this is the first appointment I've ever outright missed in my life. I suppose I have the best excuse possible right now.

While I was composing my email reply to the Witch Doctor, Ian called from the kitchen to ask me if I had already put soap in the dishwasher. It was almost full earlier, but we had decided to put in a last couple glasses right before bed and run it then. "No," I called back, "I didn't put soap in."

"Are you sure?" he asked. "Because there's soap."

"I'm sure," I replied.

"Oh . . . right," I heard him respond a moment or two later. "I put it in myself about 5 minutes ago."

Ian said he was pleased that my confidence didn't seem to be shaken by my hiccup. I hope his isn't, as well.


Ian said...

I also recognize that it was silly to ask if Calin about the soap in the first place. But determining the presence of soap required bending over and lifting the little plastic cover. Which is equivalent to looking for a missing object by lifting things up and looking underneath, which I long ago swore off of (or never began in the first place) in favor of annoying Calin with questions about where my "missing" stuff is.

Andrienne said...

Thats OK Ian, we have a little of that going on over here! My mother had a total knee replacement this last week, and I am now her nurse/drill seargant for exercises. Keeping track of her meds is quite interesting. So, I have been writing them all down, but that was not enough. She now has me writing down how many ounces of water I give her - because she can't remember.

Now I start with a gallon in the fridge, and give her half - so I am good with what she is drinking. But, since she can't see in the fridge a tally sheet of ounces actually consumed is assuaging the thought that I might be dehydrating her on purpose.

Next thing you know we will be accounting for the temperature of said water. Actually, this is all kinda fun. Makes me feel wanted.

Gregory said...

Here's another mental hiccup that happened over here today, just to show that they're not restricted to you two: Annelie and I were out taking a walk, and we passed a mailbox labeled "Johansson". Annelie's first thought was "Hey, that's a Swedish name--I bet they're Swedes!" And then her second thought was "Wait, we're *in* Sweden." The funny thing is that when she told me about this, I had to confess that the exact same thing had happened to me before.

wendy said...

If that is your first hiccup, you are doing well, Calin! Of course we would expect nothing less from you....year of the Rat and a Scorpio too! I just knew there was more to you than the child of my father's best friend from high school.

You and Ian are in our thoughts.

Though I am bummed that you have the blue wig already... I have plans to get you another one... from some crazy shop on capitol hill near Seattle Central Community College. Now I will have to find another color... I am thinking red or platinum.

Oh... and I owe Ian a $1.00 - he did phinish first.

Not sure what else to say...except that I admire both you and Ian as you both forge ahead during this challenging time.

Love, Wendy (Dr. Jason's ol^h^h^h^younger sister)