Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Upcoming Schedule

I have my fourth chemo coming up on Thursday morning. This will be another 7:00am blood draw/port access, then an 8:00am infusion. The one issue with this last week was that I finished my blood draw at 7:20, then had to sit in the waiting room of the infusion room until 8:05 when the nurses got out of their meeting and all the patients finally went back to their beds (I mean, it's early morning—wouldn't you rather be in a bed than a waiting room?). My nurse (Judy this time, who I also knew before) suggested that I ask at the front desk if I can just go back and get settled, knowing that nothing is going to happen before 8:00. I am perfectly fine spending 45 minutes lazing around doing virtually nothing—that is my life these days—so I'm going to try for it.

This Friday morning at 9:00am I have another chest CT scheduled, followed by an appointment with Dr. Specht to see the results. Of course we are hoping for some significant changes in the lung nodules, and I think we will see some. On days that my guts are behaving more like normal, I can breathe pretty (comparatively) easily—lots more room for the diaphragm to stretch out those lungs—so I'm feeling pretty good about the results.

I have my next brain MRI and follow-up with Dr. Jason scheduled for July 1, so in a couple weeks we'll have more information about everything and the next steps.


allyson said...

As always, thank you for these updates. I'm so glad to hear your guts are doing well! :)


Andrienne said...

This is always as I have suspected - bloating affects singing, at least that is my excuse - and I'm stickin' to it!