Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Witch Doctor

My friend Tami, with her fancy new red Mini, took me on some errands yesterday including my first visit to Dan, my Witch Doctor, since at least a month ago when he told me he was at a loss.

I was worried about seeing Dan, a little, because I trust him and his practice so much, to be able to diagnose issues, to be able to treat them, and just because he’s a good, stand-up guy who I feel comfortable with and who has become a friend. I was worried that he would feel he had somehow failed—that what my body was clearly hiding from him was stuff that he really should’ve seen, really should’ve figured out.

But the first thing he said was something like “So how has it been to baffle all your practitioners?” and I immediately felt better. Yes, he was baffled, but so has everyone else been. All the oncologists and radiologists who have been studying my scans, all the other people I see, friends, relatives, strangers—people have been baffled by my overall health, by my lack of serious symptoms (and, I admit, that has been part of my self-centered joy in this whole experience—that I have been able to be baffling.)

I was, not surprisingly, exhausted after my appointment. And I slept better last night than the night before (well, the night before I had a strange waking time where I, literally, got up at 3:00am and had a snack after having not slept at all, then didn’t go to sleep until 5:30am. Note: at this time of year, birds start to sing at 4:15am and suddenly more cars pass up Wallingford).

And this morning my guts were much better.

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Andrienne said...

Calin - that is about the time I start to calm down in the morning - it is the BEST. Little metaphysical info for you - it is called the "waking time". The hours in which we are most connected to the spirits helping us. This is a very important time for my composing. Usually people are limited in their spiritual contact to dreams while sleeping, either beacuse of the time of day, or because they are not attuned to tapping in dierctly. Sounds quite perfect to me. So, whenever you are up at that hour - know that I am too! And the eating is a grounding while you are walking the cosmos - awake. LOVE IT!