Thursday, June 5, 2008

Second Chemo

I have my second chemo today, and again it’s going to be long (but not as long as the 14 hours I was away from home last week). I start with a blood draw at 1:20pm, then my infusion is scheduled for 2:00pm. I’ll probably lie there on my bed, snacking, dozing, watching movies, reading and piddling a lot, until 8:30 or 9:00pm. I’m still getting an extra 3-4 hours of hydration (probably for a few weeks yet) to keep my kidneys moist, so that takes some time. I’m not convinced that I’m ready to ask for Sandy to “push in my Benadryl really fast!” yet, but maybe sometime soon.

The grind, as it were, has begun a bit—Ian and I are a little short-tempered with each other, and with having a puppy (of course, there’s not really ever a good time for that, but it’s easy to forget when you see their fuzzy faces and goofy, disjointed galumphing). We’re both eminently reasonable people, however, and so we’re doing our best to keep things even keel.

We cut off several inches of my hair last night—it’s about a chin-length bob right now—because I wasn’t quite ready to shave, and yet it’s coming out by the handfuls now. I still seem to have about half of it . . . but ask me in two more days. I am planning to get a wig or two—they’re fun, plus it’s occasionally nice to not have random people automatically know you’re on chemo.

We also saw The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull last night at Cinerama, and I enjoyed it. I like it when entertainment wraps up nicely.


Anonymous said...

Dang! Missed my opportunity to give you a Katie Holmes-Cruise! Well, maybe in exchange Ian can grow his out and I'll give him the bob. Oh wait...

Chiara said...

I vote for many fabulous wigs!