Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Dr Jason, bless his heart, just called me back, and I—bravely, because I have plans to drive from Seattle to home this afternoon after our oil change and I didn't want to have to change them—answered the phone. He cleared me to drive, provided I use common sense. He said again that it was pretty unlikely I'd have a seizure at this point (and he did say that legally, I can only be barred from driving if I've had one), but the first one is usually unexpected anyway (apparently you can recognize signs once you've felt them—but if that were to happen I obviously wouldn't be driving for several months anyway). So I am to listen to my body, see how I feel before I get behind the wheel, and not go too far yet without someone else in the car with me. So, no trips to Orcas while Ian's at work and no solo jaunts to Idaho to go riding bareback in the woods all by myself. But I can go to Lake Stevens, I can go to Woodinville, I can go to Renton, and I can go to Greenwood Ave, and I can certainly come home this afternoon.

I'm very happy right now.


Ian said...

So while Calin was going through this emotional roller coaster (roller coasters having been a vehicle that she always had permission to "drive"), I was paying no attention to the new posts because I was busy writing a comment on the post two posts ago. Although I'm now delighted with Calin's new freedom, I'm also selfishly worried that nobody will read the results of my long and hard commenting labors, now that it's buried below these two recent ones. So if you're game, please take the time to read the comment at the bottom of the post,
Do Statistics Count as Permission?

Anonymous said...

WHOOO HOOO!!! Your a woman on the loose! I have to say I think a ride in the car by yourself is very therapeutic...so consider it car therapy!! ; )

KateMV said...

Hi Ian, I know this is Calin's blog so I shouldn't be borrowing her comment feature to talk to you, but I just want to tell you that I read all the statistics notes even before you gave this little reminder. :) -Kate