Thursday, September 18, 2008


At this time of year I always find myself sleeping more, and wanting to go to bed earlier. I know it's the ancient cycle of seasons at play in my body—as the days get shorter, there's historically less and less reason to be awake. After all, there's not much hunting, gathering, or repairing of tools that one can do in the pitch black (did tools come after fire? Probably . . . but then, I'm no historian). Anyway, I've been finding myself yawning and thinking about bed at around 8:00pm the last few nights. I make myself stay up until 10, but then I'm plenty happy to go. I stayed in bed until 9:30 this morning, too. I know part of it is simply chemo fatigue, but a lot of it is the season change (strangely enough, once winter really hits and the days are incredibly short, I find myself wanting to stay up until way after midnight.).

Of course, the financial markets and the political scene are enough to make anyone want to hibernate for a while anyway.

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Andrienne said...


Sorry I have been absent from the blog - can't believe how knee deep in boxes this moving thing has become. Anyway I am completely relating to the hybernation, what is up with sleep thing. In my case it is the sciatica waking me up. Thank God I hadn't thought about Sarah Palin, although now I am not so sure that I will be able to escape the rumination - now that you have put it there! UGH.

Thank you for coming to my concert. That was awesome - to see your smiling face - Ian too!