Monday, September 22, 2008

Not the Best Way to Get People on Your Side

Ian and I put a "NO SOLICITORS" sign next to our front door before we "moved" to New Zealand last year, and it's really cut down a lot on the number of strangers who come knocking. Until this evening, when Spackle's deep I'm-a-giant-mastiff-going-to-tear-you-to-shreds-you-stranger-if-you-come-into-my-yard bark (he's really hoping to scare people away with the bark, because at heart he's a total softy) alerted us to a strange man with pink streaks in his hair coming up our stairs. Hoover of course went wild, and so Ian went to the front door bent over, gripping Hoover's collar, while Hoover flung himself this way and that, barking hysterically. Ian opened the door as Spackle and I arrived, more sedately.

"I'm sorry," Ian said to the stranger, who was carrying some small brief case or clipboard or something, "but we don't take solicitations of any kind. Did you see our sign?"

The man said a little testily, over Hoover's insane barking, "Well, legally you can't keep me from knocking on your door—I'm with the Democratic party."

"Yeah," Ian said, still leaned over, holding the dog, "we're with the Democratic party too, and we don't accept solicitors here, and we're not going to talk to you now, legal or not," and he slammed the door, with the help of Hoover who jumped against it, over the man's last, rather indignant words.

If we don't want strangers coming to our door, and we've made it clear to you in the politest way possible, don't come to our door, legal or not.

I desperately hope that the rest of the Democrats out there stumping for Obama are a little more polite.

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jere' said...

Ever since I read your comment about Sarah Palin I'd been wondering what about her kept you awake--good or not--so now I know.To think that the person who so rudely came to your door is trying to get support for the democrats upsets me.I feel like I'm holding my breath until the election--Obama doesn't need things like this man's rude behavior representing him.