Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Driving! Well, Not Really.

We had some camping gear and an ice cream maker to put away in the garage today, and to reach the shelves, someone needed to back the car out. Ian was in the last stages of preparing to leave for work, so I said I would do it. "After all, the chances of me having a seizure backing the car out of the garage are pretty slim." Ian agreed that was true, and let me have my way (knowing that if he didn't, I would back the car out later, then also lift the big-enough-to-hide-an-adult-body camping crate up onto the 5-foot shelf myself. I'm feeling better these days). He lifted up the crate, I put away the ice cream maker, he went off to work, and I pulled back into the garage.

Dr. Jason, if you're reading, how soon can I drive? Really drive?

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