Monday, September 8, 2008

There Are Some Good Things About Dexamethazone

Today at the clinic I didn't get any dexamethazone in my pre-med cocktail. I asked my nurse what it was for, anyway, and she said reducing side effects from Taxol—nausea, achiness, that sort of thing—and I said since it wasn't life-threatening to not have it, I'd not have it and see what happened. Not everyone does have it.

Well . . . I think next week I'll request the dex again. I've been very lethargic since getting home—which isn't totally a bad thing—I've enjoyed lying on our bed rereading a mystery novel (The Tiger in the Well, by Philip Pullman of His Dark Materials, third in the trilogy about Sally Lockhart), but I've also had some lower back stiffness and an almost flu-like roving ache in my muscles. And usually I'm pretty awake the day after as well, and tomorrow Mom and I are going back-to-school shopping, so I don't want to just drag around and be a total deadbeat. Maybe I'll make some real caffeinated coffee for myself tomorrow.

If you can't get the desired effect from one drug, there's always another option.


Erik said...

which one of you is going back to school?

CMT said...

Ha ha. School of Life, brother. School of Life.