Thursday, September 25, 2008

End of an Air-a

(this title's for Gregory)

Ian and I met with Dr. Specht this afternoon, and she was, again, quite pleased with how I'm doing, both in tests and in real life. I didn't have any more imaging this time—no bone scan, no chest CT (we'll do those at the end of November, sounds like), but my tumor marker blood tests both improved. One of them, the one with the small number, actually put me at normal—1.9 out of a recommended score of 0.0-2.0 (at last viewing it was 6.2). The other test wasn't quite so munificent, giving me 196 out of a high of 37. However, 196 is still down from 215, where it was last time four weeks ago. And I am feeling much better—setting up riding lessons and Gyrotonic, and starting to play Dance Dance Revolution with Ian again—and we have been given permission to remove the Oxygen R2 from the hallway, and return Moxy so she can be used by some other needy person (note—all the tubing that spent time in my occasionally snotty and occasionally bloody nose will be thrown away. Unfortunately, all the tubing that spent time merely in our house will probably be thrown away as well. Anyone want 50 yards of oxygen tubing?).


Shelley said...

nice title...good news...


Anonymous said...

Sonja does not want the tubing.