Wednesday, September 10, 2008

First Driving Destination

The first place I went with my newly re-found driving emancipation was to Goodwill, where I dropped off a couple boxes of things that have been sitting in our basement for, literally, months. In fact, one large covered basket has been down there, waiting to be donated, since the day we moved back into our house in December. So as you can imagine, it was a relief to go. I arrived just after another woman, who was driving a large black GMC SUV which made the 4-Runner look, if not small, at least modest. And then she left the monster running while she donated her bags of clothes and got her tax receipt. Listen lady—you wanna save a few cents? Turn off your car.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Calin, I have eagerly read your posts and Ian's review of the probability reasoning, and I would like to applaud your openness in disclosing your actions, your reasons, and your experience. In fact, I am more disturbed by the financial dimension than by your decision to drive carefully! You are illuminating all kinds of aspects of being sick, impaired, insured, yet still constrained. Bless you for your courage, eloquence and analysis. With love, Julie