Monday, July 7, 2008


Ian again.

Having opened the floodgates to the visitors, they've indeed flooded in, with much joy and love. The book that L & S brought is getting lots of good entries. It will remain to be seen whether the amnesia drugs will wipe out Calin's memories of this period, but she'll be able to recreate the stories through this book.

She also has a little clipboard, thanks to sister-in-law K, which Calin has used to fill a total of 43 half-size pages worth of writing in the two days since the ventilator. These are all stuffed into the back of the book. Calin's writing isn't always easy to follow, but it's clear that this is related to the drugs slowing down her hand, but not slowing down her mind. Anyone who's visited can tell a story demonstrating that she's always the quickest wit in the room. Brad the awesome nurse said that he found about 5 pens fallen around Calin when he changed the sheets today, which is further testament to her writing skills (although maybe we should also help her tidy up the pen larder at the end of a visit). One of the notes she wrote today was, "everyone here says that I am doing better." Since she's the only one that has seen the docs on their rounds every morning, she would know best. I agree--she looks better, and definitely much more relaxed now that she's on the vent.

In addition to the books and notes, Calin has also received hand deliveries of a postcard and amulet from New Zealand thanks to C, prayer flags and a beautiful Medicine Buddha painting from Nepal thanks to Aunt L, and a silk flower and a fine scarf from I'm not sure where thanks to A and I'm not sure who. So the place is now nicely decorated.

Cousin S drove from Ellensberg last night to visit and then back that same evening so she could be there for a class at 8am this morning.

I tell these stories not to make anyone feel bad for not visiting yet or bringing gifts. Indeed, there is only so much time for visitors and only so much space for gifts. I tell these stories to let you all know that Calin has been surrounded by love and amusement. So much amusement, in fact, that according to Lexi, the other awesome nurse, Crazy Cousin T and his wife K were so funny that Calin had to be sedated to keep from laughing too much.


Stacey said...

I've been sitting here for the past 5 minutes trying to figure out who "Aunt L" is, since the one who I call "Aunt L" is, in fact, Calin's mom, and would therefore not be referred to here as "Aunt." How sheepish did I feel when I finally realized that my own mother is Calin's Aunt L. Mystery solved!

same socks laura said...

Stacey, that is hillarious!!! I too am decoding the initials : ) It's fun : ) Thanks Ian and Calin for having a neat place for all of this really special communication to take place.

Next time you see Calin, give her a big hug from me.


Laura (same socks)

Andrienne said...

I loved my visit yesterday - it was perfect, no one around but Calin and no traffic home - early afternoon and the 520 bridge are to be timeled carefully. Calin looked great! What rosey cheeks! And although I know she calls them chipmunk cheeks, they are a fabulous foil for that smile. Calin's smile only looks larger. I had a great conversation with one of her nurses, and we discussed how lucky Calin as that the brown goo (as Ian put it) was going directly into her stomache. We all agreed that it was something better left not tasted. Big heads-up from Calin on that one.