Friday, July 11, 2008

Tubes out

Calin had the breathing and feeding tubes taken out at about 10:30 this morning. The first few minutes were a bit tough as she had to cough up the gunk in her throat and get things working again in the normal way. But she got over that and is now sleeping peacefully with just an oxygen mask. Nurse Beth and Drs. Madtes and Parsons did a great job helping out, so Calin continues to be in good hands. Over the afternoon and the next few days the high flow supply of oxygen to the mask will be adjusted to see just how much help Calin needs and what amount of physical activity she can tolerate. For now she can expect to enjoy such simple pleasures as brushing her teeth, eating food that's not Oxepa Therepeutic Nutrition, and talking again.


Anonymous said...

This is wonderful wonderful news. I take a deep breath in salute.

joel said...

This is indeed wonderful news. I let the Wild "Flower Women" in London know of the good news. Your Mom sounded terrific, a bit wet, but very happy.


Chiara said...

I am so excited to hear this! I am currently extremely jetlagged in Italy and was hoping for news just of this kind, so you just made my day/night/some other arbitrary time designation. Tanti tanti baci bellissima--ogni volta ascolta suone la campane ti pensi e ti mando tutto il mio amore in direzione tuo! E non vedo l'ora quando potremo parlare davvero insieme ancora!

Sassy Glasses Girl said...

Thanks, Ian, for continuing the updates.

Calin, I'm thinking of you everyday. I'm so glad to hear you're off all those nasty tubes and sleeping peacefully.

Anonymous said...

I saw Calin this morning shortly after getting the tubes out. It's great to see her terrific smile again! Her nurse said that she was already asking to get up, eat, and go home. She said that Calin is very motivated and has already surprised them. The other great news about getting the tubes out quickly is that her muscles should still be able to handle swallowing, so eating sooner!

Anonymous said...

We left Calin this evening enjoying a strawberry popsicle (having already polished off a grape one earlier). You're doing great sweetie! Keep up the swallowing practice!

Anna K. said...

We can begin selling tix to the Chiara-Calin Conversation Domination Rematch! And eat real, baked brownies--you know, instead of the brownie batter they were feeding you.


Anonymous said...

A big Yaaaaaaaaayyyy! from all your loving folks and cheering section here on the East Coast. And what an excellent excuse to eat a lot of popsicles.

Can't wait to see you in person very soon - two weeks from today! xoxo Anne and Jason

Maria said...

Woo hoo! Wonderful news- and it's definitely popsicle weather out there. mmmm... I'm off to the mountains and will send you good thoughts from ridge tops and shy alpine lakes.
with love, maria