Friday, July 4, 2008


Well, my news from the MRI scan with Dr Jason definitely showed things trending in the direction that we wish. Even the large tumor in my cerebellum has shrunk by maybe 5 mm, which is an excellent sign. We didn't take any time to talk prognosis at at this point, however, because Jason and Dr Spect had heard about my bad night (lika a resposible patient I called my nurst first think ytin the morning), and after much discussion beteen the two, they deceided they could not rule out a pulmonary ambullism.
As this could haver serious help reprecissons, it was deceded Iwould immediately be sent into the ER a the Universty of Washington. There, they gace me a chest CT and maybe a couple X-raye, and the put me on supplemental oxygen, and I was in heaven.
Tuns out what I have is pheumonia of some sort, not a blood clot (been lots of tests to determine which sort), and they wanted to keep me here to dermine which sort and there have already been a couple times when it's been VERY LUCKY I was here and not a home. I mean, I think i probably wouldn've lived through anythihg at hom but still, the support group was nice.
Ayway, sighning off. The Ambien seems to be working well :)


Ian said...

Please note that the few typos in the post above were mostly due to the fact that Calin was trying to type while wearing a pulse oximeter on her pinky finger and balancing a laptop on a pillow on her belly. I offered to fix any misspellings but she said that she would "due it a self" (or some other words to that effect).

The folks in the UW Medical Center Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant / Oncology ICU are doing an excellent job and will be watching Calin like hawks (hawks with telemetry signals informing them constantly about her vital signs).

Until she's a little further recovered from this episode, I don't think visitors would be a good idea. Also flowers are prohibited in this ICU unit because the stem cell transplant patients are apparently very sensitive to the smells. Lastly, Calin hasn't been up to using the computer until this afternoon, so well-wishing by email may not get through for a little while.

If you readers want to do something, I think that she would benefit from whatever positive thoughts, prayers, and well-wishing telemetry you can offer.

ACB said...

Thanks for the update, Calin, and for the details, Ian. Sending lots of love and healing energy from Virginia...

KateMV said...

We're sending all the positive vibes/thoughts/prayers that we can. Very glad to hear the MRI has news trending in the right direction. Rest a lot now.

Anonymous said...

All the positive thoughts and prayers are with you! Please let us know when you are able to have visitors either at the hospital or at home!

All my love!

Anonymous said...

Uncle Paul and I are praying for a full recover. We're very happy to hear that the tumors have gotten smaller.
You're a tuff cookie. Keep your positive attitude,we love you very much. TAKE CARE IAN.
Aunt Karen