Monday, July 7, 2008

Reading the blog

Here is Calin reading the comments on yesterday's blog post. The trackpad is slightly harder to use when you've got all that apparatus on, so blog comments are probably easier to scroll through than email and thus a good way to send Calin your thoughts or feelings. Cousin S also noted that comments on the blog can also be used for visitors to let us readers know about the fun times they had on their visit and how Calin is doing.

Notable elements in the background include some pictures of the most beautiful dahlias I've ever seen, grown by a neighbor of Calin's mom who wanted Calin to have some flower photos to go with the mind flowers. Next to the computer are the Secret Garden which she's still reading and the brown and turquoise book that you should all sign when you visit. Behind the books is Deane, sitting next to some hospital art (a cool framed cloth) hung with the prayer flags from Aunt L. Faintly visible out the window is Husky Stadium.

Shortly after I took this picture this evening, Hunky Dave from respiratory came by to check on Calin and the ventilator. He held up the oximeter and said, "could you put this on your finger for me?" and then noted, "But I'm not asking you to marry me." In response I said, "That's good because I'm married to her already." Then Calin held up her fist like she was gonna beat up Dave if her tried anything, which we all enjoyed. Definitely more entertaining than your average ventilated patient. That's one of the things I love about life with Calin—it's never average.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Calin,

We love you and have you in our hearts. We took a horseback ride for you yesterday. Enjoyed some new views.

We like the work your male secretary (Ian) is doing, keeping us in touch with your beyond average work.

Love and hugs,
King and Alice

Stacey said...

I'd like everyone to know that even in her intubated state, Calin managed to mime a "short joke" aimed directly at me during my visit last night (Gosh, Uncle K, I think she's definitely related to you, as I would expect no less from you! :-)

same socks laura said...

Hi Calin and Ian,

I find it rather surreal the state that you are in (no, not Washington, the head gear state) and yet there is so much fun going on up there. I really love your and Ian's lightheartedness. I especially love Ian's last comment..."That's one of the things I love about life with Calin—it's never average." My first and only thought before busting into laughter was..."no sh*%!"

Much love,


Adam said...


Like many others, Annie and I are still reading your blog daily and appreciating the posts that you and Ian offer.

Here's to flirty-nurses and other things worth grunting, er ... grinning at.


YDO Aunt Judy said...

Calin and Ian,
It soooooooooo amazing that you have created such great entertainment in such an unlikely situation. Yes, Ian, we all has NEVER been average around Calin!
Love you bunches,
Aunt Judy

Mark said...

I'm sorry I didn't get to say hello I'm my short visit to Seattle this past weekend. Since I can't send you real flowers, here's a virtual flower

a photo I took in your backyard on the fourth.

Many "thought flowers" to you,


Anonymous said...

Dear Calin and Ian,

from Britain, our thoughts and prayers are with you. Wishing Calin a quick recovery and hoping Ian can keep updating us on your progress. Wishing we could visit you but you are in our minds and hearts everyday through your blog. Although far away, if there's anything we can do just let us know. Much love from Filipa, Andy and Tiago

allyson said...

Hi Calin,

Big hugs and mind flowers from San Francisco. We're having a heat wave this week -- which I love! 80 degrees in the city today. Woo hoo. You're often in my thoughts. xoxo Allyson

Shelley said...

Hey Calin --

Love the pictures Ian has included, it feels like I'm 'almost' there.

Heard about the feet and leg massages...nice. It is good to have friends with strong hands.

We're all thinking about you.

Shelley, Cathy, Paige and Avery

Sassy Glasses Girl said...

I also smiled when I read Ian's line: "That's one of the things I love about life with Calin—it's never average." So very true.

Hey, Calin, I got your husband's name right!! Ian (NOT Ethan). :) I've been practicing... Seriously, I don't know why my brain keeps kicking out the name Ethan. If Ian is reading this, I promise you, Ian, she's not been seeing some guy named Ethan on the side. It's just my Alzheimer's kicking in.


I'm thinking of you both a lot right now. Calin, I went to the barn and rode Bear last night and thought, once again, how grateful I am to you for getting my butt back on a horse! I can't wait to ride with you again...


ACB said...

In lieu of flower pictures or foot massages, I uploaded some songs to my website. In particular, "Someone to watch over me" is there specifically for you, Calin, knowing that you are surrounded by many Someones, near and far, who are watching over you and sending so much love.

Sunday night's performance of Candide was sung for you, my friend. Maybe that's why I didn't have any nerves, not a single one.

Anonymous said...


Wanted to represent Portland with a big shout out to you and Ian and all your wonderful visitors. I am sending lots and lots of mind flowers (I'm a fan of Gerber Daisy's) and healing energy. Very happy to hear that you, Calin, haven't lost your sense of humor or ability to be bossy. That's a powerful combo (and I should know), if for no other reason than to keep people hopping. And Ian you're just amazing, amazing.

I love you both and look forward to seeing you soon(ish).