Monday, July 21, 2008

Oh, the Tedium

Okay, it's no longer interesting to be stuck in the hospital. Yes, I have a private room. Yes, Ian spends the night every night (which I love). Yes, I even have a great view of a bunch of great trees on the UW campus. But I'm stuck in the hospital. Stuck by my lungs, mostly. Still working on getting them back to normal. But I guess I'm also just as stuck by my weakness—it was a huge accomplishment today to walk twice, around a loop on the floor once, and to the end of a hallway another time—I "showered" again today, sitting on a bench, with an Occupational Therapist who made sure I didn't tire myself waiting just outside the curtain. I am weak. I am incapable of taking care of myself.

And, hoo boy has it gotten old.


Shelley said...

I guess it means you are getting better when the hospital is no fun...stretch of a silver lining, I know.

The girls spent the weekend building a fort in the forest outside of Flagstaff. They'll have stories to tell and energy to share. We can't wait to see you and break the tedium a bit.


Anna K. said...

And yet just a few days ago it was an accomplishment when you stood and moved to a chair. Think of a few days from now...

Until then, I know. I get it. Bo-ring.

Anonymous said...

I am just glad to hear you are up and around. Baby steps!!! You will get home soon.

Love you both!

Anonymous said...

Look from when you've come! I am surprised you are walking so far so soon. Look out world, Calin is bored! I can't wait to see you, Maybe this weekend.
Love you bunches,
Aunt Judy

Anonymous said...

I like to hear that Calin is bored,remember all the boring talks that your mom would give your cousins? A little different, but boring is boring. You have a purpose to get home and feel better you are a true fighter. We love you.
Aunt Karen

Christina said...

Dear Calin,
Reading your blog in reverse chronological order is like reading a mystery starting at the last page and working forward. It's a moving and mysterious experience, at any rate.
Andrienne has kept me up to date, but there's nothing so clear as your own writing. I don't even know that you know that I'm reading your blog. But I am, and I am sending you my energy and my love and my dreams to hear you sing and "put it out there."

MS Laura said...

Helloooooo Cousin : )

I suppose it doesn't help that the paint isn't pealing in your room : ) I can't imagine that that would be good for your lungs.

I can send you some movies of outdoorsy things and you could sniff one of those car scenty things that looks like an evergreen tree when you watch them : ) Not helping am I?

It sucks that you're stuck. Is your bed comfortable at least? Holy Cannoli I can imagine how antsi you feel right now! I'm fidgity just thinking about it.

Can you knit while you're in there?


Matching Socks Laura : )