Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Super news!

I just saw Calin during my lunch "hour" and she had been breathing without ventilator support for 4 hours, which means that she's recovered from the pneumonia at a remarkable pace. She's still got the tubes in place, but has been allowed to breath freely through them and has been breathing slow and easy. While I was there it was 20 breaths per minute, which is a lot nicer than 40-50 she was doing last week. This great success means that they're talking about extubating her this afternoon, which would mean that the initial prognosis of at least 7-14 days was a huge overestimate, and she'll hopefully get to talk again very soon.

So my tenure as substitute blogger seems to be coming to a swift end. While I'm at the helm, however, I'll take this chance to say another thank you to Lexi and Zoe the nurses on duty today, and to Dr. Tai, the awesome lung doc who helped her get on this program, and to Drs. Rockhill and Specht and Becker and Davis and all the rest who provided support during this adventure.

Most of all, however, let me say WAHOO for Calin the overachiever!



Anonymous said...

Thank God for over achievers!!! You will be pleased to know that your husband made me cry at work.
I love you and can't wait to see you tonight!

Anonymous said...

Oh and also, I hope you will occasionally let your husband guest blog, or encourage him to start his own, because he sure did a good job! Just the right mix of humor and gripping reality.


Anonymous said...

As I just said to Laura, what a roller coaster ride of emotion. Never a dull moment, Calin.

Hats off to excellent medical care, boundless positive thoughts and a physical constitution that is––let's face it––just a little bit scary. Scary in a good way.

Huge bear hug for all, especially our darling boss lady. Lee

Anonymous said...

What wonderful news! I have renewed faith in Birthday Wishes. Ask S or L what I mean by that.
Ian is a great blogger substitute but I know we'll all be happy to know you are back at the helm since it will mean you are feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Yes, definitely on top of things, and still very possessive of that lovely pashmina. I noticed today that it would go well with my new brown pants. Calin made sure to keep it close after that, safe from both Liz and me. Love you, Calin.

Anna K. said...


Overachiever? Awesomeachiever!

allyson said...

Couldn't be happier to get this news. Calin rocks! xoxox A

Chiara said...

I'm sorry I wasn't able to stop by today to hear this fantastic news! Perhaps you will be able to challenge my current champion status as Monologuiste sooner than expected.

Now all you have to do is decide which horrifying aperitive liqueur you want from Italy, okay?

Shelley said...

So...what were your first words?

Let me guess: "Water, please?"

Well done Calin.


Anonymous said...

YEAH, Calin!!!! We'll be up to visit tomorrow evening. Can't wait to give our best wishes in person!

Much Love,
Jeanne and Brad

same socks laura said...

Yeah Calin! And Ian and everyone who sent positive energy your way : ) I admire your perseverance!

Intubation while awake doesn't sound like it would feel very comfortable. I'd want to close my mouth, swallow, and TALK! Sorry, I'm sure those aren't things I should even mention, but I'm mentioning them because I figure you're going to be extubated by the time you read this...at least I hope you will be (sheepish grin if you're not).

Much love and excitement to you for kicking some royal pneumonia butt!


Cousin Laura

ACB said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Calin,
Maria clued me in to the current events in your story. Clearly, your dynamic self and energetic being is still very much at the helm!
I wish you every ease and continued disoveries as you continue this extraordinary journey.

Jeanne Barrett

Stacey said...

Big sigh of relief and thanksgiving.

Stacey said...

p.s. I'm headed back over the mountains on Thursday and will hope to see you if you're not worn out from all the celebrating :-)

wendy said...

A good friend of mine sent me an email recently where she encouraged me with "fighting"... in the South Korean sense of the word. As in "Let's go" or "Do your best" or "Good luck". There is another translation that I really like - "do your best with no regrets." Calin, it seems like you have taken both the english and korean versions and come out an overachiever. Glad to hear you are soon to be rid of your tubes.

Here's to getting you home soon,


Anonymous said...

Calin, You don't know me, but you know my son Scott. He told me about your recent bump in the road, so I wanted to stop by and tell you hello. Like all your friends I am thinking of you and sending positive thoughts as well.

Mary Anne (Bellingham)

Anonymous said...

Ian and Calin

I am so happy to hear that this hill has been conquered!!! Keep fighting and keep strong.

Happy, Healthy and Loving thoughts!

Love you both.


Andrienne said...

Dr. Specht already promised me that she was coming to Calin's next gig (when I met her yesterday). I assured her that Calin sang her little tushy off when she didn't have a tube stuck down her throat! YEAHHHHHHHH!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic news!!!


Sassy Glasses Girl said...


Well done, Calin!!! I thank God/The Universe for that fierce body and spirit of yours...

Ian, thanks so much for filling in as blogger. Superb job! I've passed this link to friends and family, and they've all been following Calin's progress. Thank you, again, for keeping us up to date.

Doing a little dance in my home office (and the cats are staring),

Ian said...

I just saw Calin 15 minutes ago. She continues to improve although they haven't yet taken out the tubes. They wanted to make sure she was truly ready for the extubation rather than rush things and risk having to put her through the unpleasant process of having the tubes put back in a second time. So after 9 hours of breathing on her own during the day yesterday, they gave her lungs a break and used the machine through the night. Today she's been breathing again without machine support and Nurse Beth said that someone from Respiratory would be coming soon to assess how she was doing. They prefer to extubate in the mornings so that more people will be around to watch the first few hours without tubes, so it seems more likely that it will be tomorrow than later this afternoon.

Ali Basye said...

This post is, indeed, super news! I just learned about your blog—and your health—from Susan W today, and have already read most of it start to finish. Wow. It's quite the roller coaster journey. I will stay up to date and continue to read about your progress. You're a beautiful spirit, Calin, and your writing is so inspiring. I'd love to get back in touch and catch up when you're feeling up to snuff.
ali b.

Anonymous said...

Calin I never doubted you for a second! You never cease to amaze me and I hope you continue to do so! You go girl!

Maria said...

Calin, it was great to visit with you today- you were bright eyed and looking stronger! I'm so impressed with your energy and presence and can't wait to hear your lovely voice soon.

Here's healing (and good humor) vibes and love from the Coryell-Martins.

Gregory said...

Calin and Ian,

So happy to hear the good news!

You've been getting lots of mindflowers from Sweden. They should still be OK when they get there, since we're using IKEA's distribution system. It's very efficient. You may, however, have to assemble the flowers in your own mind.

Lots of love,
Gregory & Annelie

Taya said...

I was feeling a need to send energy this week while working in Wenatchee. Now I know why. I will continue sending energy.