Thursday, July 10, 2008

Still doing well, but not quite done with vent.

I stopped by the hostpital over lunch again today. The last three days Calin has been sustaining her own breathing in a nice, relaxed manner. However, the docs are making extra sure that her levels are going to stay high when she gets off the ventilator. It seems to me that with the cancer in the lungs, there's a limit to how high Calin's level can get until she gets the cancer licked, but she can't resume the cancer-licking on full chemo until she's considered healed from the pneumonia.

I trust that she's in great hands, but I'll also try to be around when the docs do their rounds tomorrow so that I can get all the up-to-date info on how they see things and whether they'll be pulling her off the vent tomorrow or not. As Calin has continued to show great tolerance and poise during this balancing act, I have faith that she will soon have her voicebox back and be telling us all sorts of stories of what it was like to breath like Darth Vader.



Anonymous said...

hey calin and friends,

I stopped by thurs eve to around 7pm to say hello.. Sonya was there and the three of us chatted a bit (well Calin wrote). We got to admire the view from the penthouse and watch the nurses wheel in a very wizzy x-ray machine to check the location of the feeding tube.

Well I'm sending more good thoughts Calin's way.

Love, carl cm

Maria said...

The sailor's wish is coming to mind... fair winds and calm seas- I'm wishing you fair breaths and clear lungs! with love, maria

Gregory said...

May the lung force be with you, Calin! We're holding our thumbs. (That's a good thing.)

Anonymous said...

Hi Calin and Ian, I had the good luck to catch Liz on the morning of her departure for London. Recommended she try to visit the oldest or next-to-oldest garden in England, the Chelsea Physick Garden along the Thames and not far from the War Memorial Museum. It's small and distinguished, not open every day. We'll await her report.

I'm praying for your alveoli to make healthy exchanges! Sending love across the continental divides--Julie and Seelye, too