Sunday, July 6, 2008

A couple pics from the hospital

This morning, July 6, writing on the clipboard in spite of being drugged, on a ventilator, catheter, feeding tube and who knows all what.

Calin clowning on July 1 on the 7th floor with the view of the dark ship canal in the background.


Anonymous said...

Calin & Ian,

I'm sure you probably don't remember me, I'm Hilary's friend and met you both at S & L's ceremony. I want you to know that Hilary is keeping me up on you two and that I am saying prayers and sending you good karma. I think you are both amazing people and I just know that God is watching over you both.
Rose Teska Georgia

Erik said...

I just noticed that in this photo that IV drip thing only has an A & B. I think it now has an A B C D & E. they snap on like Legos.

Anonymous said...

What an amazing spirit! Thanks for posting all the pictures and the updates. I feel terrible for not being able to get down and see everyone so this blog makes it so amazing to keep up and Calin is such an inspiration! All my positive thoughts and prayers to everyone. Please let me know if there is anything that anyone needs!

Love you all!

same socks laura said...


You're so cool : )

I love that you are keeping your sense of humor :P ;)

I just unpacked my photos (yes, I moved 2.5 years ago and I JUST unpacked them) and found a funny one of us when we painted the living room at your mom's. I'm not sure what had more paint on it, us or the walls at that point in time : )

Much love,